#Celine otoño-invienro 2020-21: 70s en estilo 'parisino'

#CelineByHediSliman, what an exciting and parisian show with a 7os vibe

Kinda like a dandy from the seventies. Wearing shorter length subtle bootcut pants. Almost always with a bag - #meninbags - and rocking long hair with fringe or bangs if u will. A baroque, even romantiche touch has been given by the ribbons on the #mensblouses.
To complete the look, besides the cardigan, the guys are modelling stunning outerwear pieces, such us; the the iconic leather neo basics, the trench coat, the navy coat, the varsity; even the fur fur trend is back on business. Finally, wide-brimmed hats and retro-sunnies are the must haves pieces to complete the new parisian look. Before to leave you with the full show, deserves a special mention the necklaces with gems, and also the cachemira silk scarfs.

Among other prints, like the stripes, the leopard & the snake, as you can see, are making a come back. In addition, you'll never get rid of flowers, because they are life. Also, we have talk about metallics and glitter, another two current trendy trends showcased in this stunning runway. If we have to talk about fabrics; denim, velvet and silk are key in this catwalk that is more than a ready to show wear show, is just and simple a #readytogo proposal.
Hedi Slimane has done for CELINE, what he does better, his Slimane trade mark. Maybe less rockabilly, and a bit more boho-chic than other times, but, anyway, still super cool and wearable.
To sum up: we all need every single piece in our closets. But, le me select you a few it details.

Details that matter

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