Interview with Tijana Paulov

No sé vosotros qué concepto de la moda Serbia tenéis. Yo, para no dármelas de nada, no tenía ninguno, hasta que conocí a uno de los talentos con más talante - despuntante - no sólo es su país, sino también en los circuitos más underground de nivel internacional. Os estoy hablando de Tijuana Paulov.
Su s/s 09 está cargado de simbolismo y simbología; carnicerías, zombies, herramientas de trabajo, vinilos, spandex... y en cuanto a colores; rojos y negros, blancos y algunos rosas. Si hablamos de formas, destacan las siluetas alargadas, o los volúmenes en sitios inesperados. Pero, esoy pensando que en vez de enrollarme tanto, será mejor que nos cuente ella de qué va esta ropa con tanto 'rollazo'... Por cierto, está en inglés y paso de traducir:

Figura genuina y Figurín.

SDM: What was the inspiration to create your latest looks for men?

TIJANA: This is always so metaphysical question for me ☺ My inspiration is always very personal and very “my own” , and I guess that most truthful would be to say that everything that had happened to me from the time I had been designing my last collection till now when I started designing this new one… everything I saw in meantime, everything I felt, everything I heard, all that left trace on my visions and eventually it got be outed now…this time through this new collection.

SDM: Your mensewar is very trendy... what's your point of view about menswear right now?

T: Well at this moment I like very much the thing that men’s fashion is really developing to its full capacity and that the designers approach to creating men’s clothing is reaching its true unlimited creativity point, with no usual comprises for being practical or more down to earth…cause it is the face that men themselves, these days, are much more aware of fashion and they are embracing it gladly ☺

Fucsia-red/Black & Grey

SDM: What's your favourite menswear designer, and why?

T: Henrik Vibskov and Bernard Wilhelm . I like their unstrained creativity and wild play with the fashion elements and the way they don’t make comprises with their vision…at the least that’s the way it all looks to me ☺ and when it comes to Spanish designers , I have to say that I recently discovered the work of Carlos Diez Diez and I was overwhelmed looking at it…I really like the clothes he designs.

SDM: What do you think are the most important items in a masculine wardrobe?

T: I believe that no matter specific style one chooses the key think is always one’s attitude and sensibility…the way one fits the clothes with himself .

SDM: Male fashion is changing, There're a lot of designers working exclusively for men, new male magazines, more menswear blogs... what is your opinion about this???

T: Considering I’m exclusively in to men’s fashion I’m very happy that things are going in that direction, especially since men’s fashion was neglected in compare to women’s fashion…so it’s time men get in to spotlight now ☺

Look the Book s/s 09 by Tijana Paulov.

SDM:Which trend do you think will be the coolest for this summer?

T: Though as designer who makes men’s clothes I always have to be very informed about current trends and I do keep myself posted about global fashion scene, I have to say that I really believe that different people are suited for different styles and that everyone should try to express their on beings through their style…so as I said in one of the questions above, as long as you fit your style with your own sensibility and wear it with the right attitude- the one that truly matches yourself - you’ll always look fine, no matter which specific style you choose.

SDM: Can you tell me any secret about your new collection?

T: I’ve always been considered to be as trustful person who knows to keep a secret, so can I betray myself and tell you know this secret…I mean after all secrets lose their charm when they stop being secrets , don’t they? ☺

Luv from Belgrade.