Resort Time. Cruise Collections 2013

Lo primero de todo me disculpo por haber estado ausente tanto tiempo, como sabéis escribo para otros blogs como un loco y últimamente no tengo mucho tiempo. Dicho el perdón, hoy quiero hablar de las Colecciones Crucero. Normalmente me suelen gustar por la  adorable mezcla entre lujo y 'look vacacional' que transmiten estas líneas especiales, aunque no siempre es así. A veces son un poco raras o confusas, este año Chanel es un ejemplo, incluso para los que amamos la marca, y es que los dos looks de este año son como poco peculiares. En cualquier caso, estas son algunas de las colecciones crucero pre-primavera 2013. ¿Cuál de ellas es tu preferida?.. yo me quedo con Burberry, ¿y tú?

First of all, I have to say, sorry guys for being so disconnected, but- as always - I've been so busy posting like a crazy for the other blogs where I'm collaborating with. Apology done, today I want to talk you about the Cruise collections. Normally I do love the cruises lines, because are a mix between luxury and 'holiday look' very lovely, but not always are like that, sometimes are a bit weird. This year Chanel is an example, even for people like me who love the brand. Anyway, these are some of the Resort Collections pre-Spring 2013. Which one is your favourite? Take a look and let me know... I have to say, Burberry is my winner, and yours?

Salvatore Ferragamo: Very Dressed up for the pool

I am not very crazy about white suits, but this is cute.
Double breated blazers + dinner jackets like them are a dream
Twin-sets are on trend right now. Are you in or out?
Chanel: Total look denim

I like the jacket but the total look, looks weird. I am just saying...
I am sorry but I do not get at all this pants.
Burberry Prorsum: Warm resort

Even it's to wintery for resort, I love the look
Stripes are always fashionable.
Who does not love this jumper. Indeed I really want it.
Givenchy: Adorable boys scouts

Bomber jackets are coming back. Do you like or don't?
These gladiator sandals are a dream.
Big, big fan of this total look printed in paisley, are you?

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