Antimodels are also Models

'Antidote' Tony Ward for Txema Yeste

It's supposed models have to be the most beautiful men in all over the world, they have to be handsome, taller than rest of the mortals, with the most perfect bodies, perfects hands, nicer hair is truly important, face with elements in perfect harmony, teeth whiter than milk, and a very long  etcetera... 

How much damage has done the Greek canon of masculine beauty?, the man with the body of seven and a half heads, the antique Greek were really clever people, but do you know what? mathematics are very useful but not always are a perfect science, maybe numerically speaking, yes they are, but the reality it's different, thank god!

Tony Ward by James Amstrong 1982.

Everybody knows fashion is changing, supermodels don't exist, not any more, well they do, but they are only a few, also it's supposed the top models are most astonishing, amazing and gorgeous than the rest of the models, besides, of course to the rest of the people, called in a strange expression like 'normal or regular people'. Does anybody have the exactly definition of beauty?

According to the RAE (Real Academy of Spanish Language), there are several definitions, let's go with the first one: Property of the things you do love them, instilling in spiritual delight. This property exists in nature and in literary and artistic, what do you think about it?, the second one: That produced them fully and according to aesthetic principles, by imitating nature or intuition of the spirit, Does anybody understand anything? Maybe I'm a bit dumb, but sorry I don’t. 

Room 23 Photography by Deborah Anderson 2009April.

I have another definition of beauty, also have other definition of model, beauty is something to make you happy, that's mine, at leasts it's for me. I was talking about perfection previously, I hate it, I really don't like the perfection it's so boring, I think perfection it's something from nineties such as the minimalism. Yeah! again the supermodels, were ok (in that decade),  but common. We're in the first decade of a new millennium, and is coming the second one, really soon, things should be change, not only fashionable speaking, I hope so!

To be a model the most important thing is to have good or bad (that depends of several reasons) attitude, that’s the key, the attitude, the rest of the points I think are changing, depending of the brand, the designers, the public...

I believe, like and love in different people, I believe in anti models, special people, somebody call them like 'the ugly models', why? - Of course, they're different opinions, but it's the same, what it is ugly? Imaging that affirmation could be truth (the one about the ugly models), then I believe in ugly people, nevertheless I believe in ugly models.

Tony Ward, the top anti model

Tony Ward cover at 10 men, very very Anti-model!

Now the fashion universe is turning to a new era, the anti era, anti fashion, anti models. You can be a an anti model and became a top model, or super (I don't know why, we always love the superlatives...) the perfect example of that is Tony Ward.

He was born in L.A in 1963, he's 48 years old and of course he's the top anti-model, started his career in 1981, has three children and 22 tattoos. Besides model, he's actor, artist, photographer, designer, painter, writer, producer and director... He has being working with the best - not only in fashion world - films, music videos, campaigns or runways... like one of the last he did for Dolce & Gabbana, when in a really funny way, as he is, he was making faces, funny faces, and playing with his hands, in a joking attitude for being a catwalk.

Tony Ward at Milan Fashion Week for Dolce Gabbana S/S 11.

He has worked with the great photographers such as David LaChapelle, Mario Testino, Steven Meisel or Steven Klein, amazing brands like Fendi, Chanel, Iceberg, Armand Basi or Diesel, and has been featured for many magazines like GQ, Hercules, V Man, Vogue, Dazed & Confused or Citizen K in editorials and covers. And do you know what?, he's only 180 cm heigh and has a big noise (the thing I really like more of him) in a bit cubism face, and what's the matter? He's a genius, I love him very much, I want to meet you so please Tony, contact me!

Xoan, The homeless model

 Xoan the 'homeless model'.

'The Homeless model' Xoan from Galicia, looks a big beard, green ayes, curly and difficult brown hair, and  has 28 years old. He said he's still has to be discovered, but that's not true, he's a great model, has done campaigns for H&M, for example and editorials with very much charisma... He's also different, he knows it, but I think that is very very positive, cheek his page at out, and take a look to his interview, he's a clever boy.

Jethro Cave, the young punky model

 Jethro Cave featured by Jack Y Jill blog.

Jethro Cave is 'the young punky model', pretty weird face very peculiar, dark hair - most of the time with impossible styles - he always is wearing black painted nails, he almost never is smiling and his posing is with a bit disgusting face, but he has a kind of power in his attitude, as you can see. He has worked for Alexander Macqueen, Costume National or Versace.

The Australian based in London has a particularly sense of self-expression, just with a zombie and decadent touch, can be more adorable? There's a blog dedicated exclusively to him, not inconsiderable, take a look at Fuck Yeah Jethro Cave!, interesting, he looks like his father very much the very famous music and artist Nick Cave, a bit sinister as well.

 'The granddad models'

'Granddad models' in Ann Demeulemeester and Yohji Yamamoto.

I have to finish this article with old models, because the beauty doesn’t understand about ages, as you already know. I’m going to write a typical topic, but it's very true, the beauty is inside, and reflects outside.

Yojhi Yamamoto or Ann Demeulemeester believe in old models, well, old sounds a bit rude, I prefer to use 'the granddad models',  it's doesn't matter age any more, you have the age you want. You're what you want to be, everything it's possible, not only fashionable speaking.

I'm not anti-model, I'm only an anti.

This is me, only 'an anti'. 

I'll be waiting for you at Mensencia: Men with style.