Mi horrible experiencia con www.venamanchester.com / My terrible experience with www.venamanchester.com

Manchester is dreamy city, Do not let to anyone ruin your Mancunian experience! Do it for the city and for yourself!!!


I would like to tell my experience about an accommodation agency - Spanish one - named www.venamanchester.com. Basicly, they kicked me out from the room, having paid 2 weeks in advance, and the 'landlord' said, without previous advice - literally -  "If you don't leave the house in 30 min I Kill you" / "Si no te vas en 30 minutos te mato". All my lovely Salfordian neighbours watched the drama. It was in the middle of the day, or late in the morning. After the serious allegation, I escaped of the building, because his face was full of rage, I though that, He was going to kill me. I only brought my model portfolio, my ID and a toothbrush, because I was so scared. A neighbour showed me escaping and, thank god, I think he called the ambulance. When I escaped, I jumped from the building and felt down to the floor. I don't have enough words to describe the pain I suffered, psychological and physical.

At the evening, when I had to pick my things, having been all the day in the streets of Trafford -  because I was so scared of this Spanish guy called David, (Flat **, ******* *******, Eccles New Road, Salford ) was even worst. I picked my things and, at the beginning, he refused to give me my money. Finally, He gave me part of it. It was then, almost, 11 in the evening,  and I had to call a cab and went to 'The Brittania', the hotel in the city centre.

Apart of the big threaten explained above, the landlord said to me thinks like "¿Te has visto como vas vestido?, si pareces un payaso" / "Have you look yourself, you look like a clown". And even worst comments about my job and my lifestyle.

When the 'landlord' called the director of the agency, an Spanish guy named Chris (I know sounds weird), the solution that he told me was, that I should go to the 'Hatters', the hostel, and after that, a few days later, I received an email from him saying things like this:

"eres la primera persona que se ha comportado de esta manera en tres años que llevo con la pagina y muchas puertas se te cerraran si sigues así, por mi parte no tengo más que hablarte y no responderé a ninguno de los correos que envíes, la solución que te doy es move on"

"you are the first person that has behaviour like this in the three years of the website, so many doors are gonna close for you if you still like that... I don't have nothing more to tell you and I am not going to answer to any mails that you send me. The solution is move on"

I don't want other Spanish, British or worldwide citizens live the same situation that I suffered. Thank god, the police, the ambulance and my friend Kyle have been so helpful with me. Therefore I really owe you guys my life.

I love this country and right now this beloved city: Manchester, is my lover. And, I don't understand thinks like that. It's not good for the image for England and it is not good for the U.K, that a company who takes the name of the Mancunians, do horrible thinks like this one.

I don't recommend this agency 'Ven a Manchester' at all.

To my dear readers and future Mancunians. This is a beautiful city, don't let that a bad experience ruin it.