Deep in Thought

Self-portraits by myself

Lately I'm deep in thought. Thinking, re-thinking, and mainly over thinking thinks. Maybe is because I'm closing an era of my life and, for sure, I'm not coming back. As I told you in a previous post (outside the Prado) this Saturday I'll be living in Manchester. So, as you can understand so many thinks are around my mind. I know, I gonna miss, like a crazy, my niece Ainara. I hope she understands my decision, because this time is for good. I'll come back to Madrid, only for work, and special family or business events. I don't feel respected in my own country. And, most important, I don't feel happy. Besides, in my heart, I've felling like and quite British, very briton if you like. My experience as a Londoner was positive but sometimes quite complicated. But, I'm totally sure, my life as a Mancunian is going to be much better.