Weekend without an end

Watching to myself into the mirror

Almost one year from this pictures, but as you already know I like the vintage stuff, so I decided to archived this photos to be published when I could be ready, well I am. I am missing my London life, my friends, the parties, the buildings, my street close to Brick Lane, everything remind me something.

I really don't know what I was trying to do

This day I was partying and enjoying in my favourites pubs, firstable; Jaguar Shoes and secondly the Cats, later we went to a warehouse. I do not remember where it was exactly, finally we decide take the streets for an unusual or usual, that depends of your point of view, photo shooting.

Lara's smile...look at my face
Smart outfits with a twist, grey, black, and red as principal colours, leopard print it is the perfect touch, of course emerald green is one of the colour of the season. The perfect attitude is just being happing

Lara is amazing
Accessories are so important, vintage bracelets and rings and of course a Chanel necklace it is an extra point. Suede black chelsea boots, hight trousers, plain and basic shirt and maybe some eye-liner. Are your ready for a weekend without an end? 

Ahaha, lots of laugh