Every single piece that I was wearing was old-fashioned and you can catch them in other posts. Check them out.

People was very excited this Sunday afternoon/evening. The day after was celebrated the Champions League final, and, of course, Real Madrid was the winner, thanks to the gorgeous Gareth Bale. I really don't mind that much football, but people was really, really, I mean really excited about it. Maybe, a bit overexcited. Let's put it that way. I meet with my dear friend Alfonso, he's a well known male model, and also has a very interesting project in mind. He's gonna become an entrepreneur, I can't tell you any more, because I don't wanna ruin the project. Finally after the shooting of these pictures outside "the Prado", the amazing and most iconic museum of Madrid, we decided to drink some at one of my favourites bars here, the Jaymes Joyce. I had a paint - of course - he did a coffee. We spent a couple of hours taking selfies, exchanging our sunnies, and brainstorming about his new project. I also told him everything about the new chapter in my life. Yes guys, 7th of June I'll be a #Mancunian. I'm moving to Manchester. Here, in Spain, I fell like - almost anybody - understands me. When I was a Londoner  was a happy man.  May I going to miss Madrid? Well, let's see, maybe some thinks, but I think Manchester is gonna give me so many positive things. It's  just a feeling. Well, guys, wish me luck, and I'll tell you more soon.